2 Factors to Consider Between On-Campus and Off-Campus Living in Lubbock

Have you always lived with your parents or relatives but will need to move to attend classes at Texas Tech University? Are you growing concerned but also excited as this will be your first time living on your own? Are you now searching for student housing that is not too far from school but are overwhelmed at all the choices available? If you answered yes, then here are two factors to consider when choosing between living on-campus or off-campus.

Space and Privacy

One factor to consider when choosing between living on school grounds or off-campus is space and privacy. If you would like to live a more independent life, then living off-campus would be more suitable as you will be provided with living options to ensure your privacy.


Another factor to consider when choosing to live on-campus or off-campus is transportation. Living on-campus in a dorm will eliminate this concern. However, you will be sacrificing your privacy. Choose an off-campus apartment that is within walking distance to the school so it can provide you with the perfect balance between privacy and convenience.

Where You Should Consider Living

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