3 Important Amenities to Look for in Oxford’s Student Housing

Maybe you’re headed to Miami University. Maybe you’re just looking for any kind of student housing in Oxford, Ohio. Whatever your reasons for looking into apartments in the area, here are just a few amenities that are worth the price.

1. Study Spaces

One of the great things about student housing is that it doesn’t skimp on quiet, private spaces that can be used for everything from personal studying sessions to meetings with others for group projects. Some of these spaces will be deliberately labeled “study rooms.” Others might be “work rooms” or “business centers,” but they’ll fulfill the same purpose.

2. Shuttle Services

Off-campus housing comes with many benefits, but one of the drawbacks is not being able to roll out of bed five minutes before class. Fortunately, if your student housing offers a shuttle service to your school, you might be able to enjoy this luxury again. Shuttles can be way faster than bikes and buses.

3. Community Areas

Living in the same building as other students gives you ample opportunity to socialize. You just need the space to do it. Look for student housing with lounges, clubhouses, courtyards, game rooms, entertainment centers, and other places where you and your peers can gather for socializing.

Student housing in Oxford can come with many different amenities, but these are the ones that are worth your time. They’ll make your life easier while also allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy your time as a student at places like Miami University. To learn more, call the Verge at TheVergeMiami.com.