A Closer Look At An Upper West Side Condo For Sale

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Real Estate

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Looking around at condos and apartments for sale on the Upper West Side can sometimes become an exhausting undertaking. This is particularly true for a discerning buyer who wants a specific look and level of quality and luxury in the residence they plan to purchase.

For many people who live in New York, or those moving into the city, finding a historic building in a quiet neighborhood is an essential consideration. This perfectly describes the residences found at 360 Central Park West.

This completely remodeled classic landmark building is one of a kind. With the different sizes and options in condos and apartments for sale, there is something that is right for everyone. It is also important to check out the surrounding neighborhood and make sure you are close to the stores, dining areas, parks, outdoor spaces and shopping areas you use on the Upper West Side.

The Look

For most buyers, the appearance of the lobby of the building is critical, as this sets the impression. Look for lobbies that are welcoming but also very elegant in their design, offering a spacious seating area for guest to wait or to meet friends before a night of entertaining.

The interior of the residence and the common areas in the building should offer a remarkable level of craftsmanship that is evident in all aspects of the design. This includes the color palettes used in the building through to the hardwood flooring, kitchen design and features as well as the open design and the generous windows to allow natural light.

By looking at each detail, it is easy to see a true luxury apartment. When this focus on quality and elegance extends to the on-site fitness center, playroom, and the multiple features and amenities the building offers, you know you have found your new home.

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