A Few Tips for a Smooth Life in UNC Wilmington Student Housing

Student housing off-campus is a step up from dorm living and holds the potential for lots of growth and fun. If you’ve decided to move into UNCW student housing, then read on for a few tips that’ll help your new life run smoothly.

Change of Address

Make sure to file a change-of-address for your mail. It may seem like something obvious to some; however, it is an often-overlooked task that will save you a lot of headaches in the end. If you’ve been getting mail at more than one address (dorms, home), then you may have to file two separate requests.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning makes your life easier and helps keep money in your pocket. Messes build up over time and make everyday living difficult and unpleasant. It’s easier to clean a little periodically than to do one big clean job when things get out of control. Also, lack of cleaning leads to stains and damages, which could result in you losing some or all of your security deposit.

Know the Housing Resources at Your Complex

Your housing complex contains resources that will help make your life much easier. Know the ins and outs of the maintenance system so you’ll know what problems the on-site handyman will fix. Also, learn about the security measures in place and how to access help when you need it.

Respect Your Roomies and Neighbors

Your roommates and neighbors are one of your most valuable resources in UNCW student housing. You’ll need to develop a level of trust and respect for them in order to have a smooth living experience, and they will need to do the same. To know more, visit Redpoint Wilmington website today.