Advantage to Making a Cash Deal on Your Home

You’ve probably seen direct mail, television or poster ads that offer cash for homes. In fact, it often seems that these types of deals are becoming more ubiquitous. The question you might ask is, are they legitimate? And the answer is yes. But you want to go with a reputable company. That said, here are some reasons why a cash deal for your home may be your best option.

Saves Time

If you have or are relocating to another city or section of town, a, House Cash Offer Boston deal can get you an immediate offer. It also frees up your time from keeping your house spotless or making countless appointments with potential buyers.

Quick Close

In most cases, a cash deal for your house can be completed in a matter of days. An attorney is usually present to protect both parties. And most real estate companies can help you find someone with experience in these types of transactions.

Money For Any Purpose

Your We Buy Houses Boston representative will provide you with cash you can use for your new house or condo. You can also choose to invest the money if you’re getting ready to downsize.

No Repairs

Unless your home is a complete wreck, you will usually not have to make expensive repairs for a cash buyer. Most of these firms have quick access to people who can make the repairs. And they usually seek a discount from market value due to the liquidity of the offer.

No Appraisal/Home Inspection

Home Advisor says the average cost of appraising a home in 2020 is between $311 and $404. When you see We Buy Houses Boston offers posted, it usually means you can forgo the appraisal and home inspection.

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