All you need to know about Italy

Italy is a Southern European country that extends into the Mediterranean Sea in the shape of a big boot. Being a peninsula, Italy has a very long coat line, more than 4,700 miles. To the North, Italy shares land borders with Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia to the East. Within the confines of Italy lie two independent states, The Vatican and San Marino. Italy property for sale abounds throughout the 187,000 square miles that goes to make up the country’s total area.

Italy as we know it was originally a Kingdom which was founded in 1861. The first king was Victor Emmanuel II who had previously been the ruler of Sardinia, Piedmont and Savoy. The Kingdom lasted a short 85 years; in 1946 the country became a Republic, established by referendum. Although the country became a Republic in 1946, true unity within the country did not happen until the early 1970s. Benito Mussolini established his fascist dictatorship in the early 20th century; he allied with Hitler in the Second World War and was defeated. Since the defeat of fascism, Italy has been a charter member of NATO and the EEC, the forerunner to the EC. With the establishment of the EEC, people were free to live where they wished within the community and many took advantage of the Italy property for sale, especially in Tuscany.

Italy today is an aging society. There is an estimated 58 million people living in Italy, a full 20% of them are aged 65 or over. It is obvious that the majority of the population is Italian, but there are people in the country whose origins are French, German, Slovenian, Greek and Albanian. Although all major religions are represented in Italy, the Protestants, Jews and Muslims are very much in the minority, with 90% of the population professing to be Roman Catholic, although only a third practices their faith.

In Italian, the country is known as “Repubblica Italiana,” in English it is called the Italian Republic. The capital city of the Republic is Rome, also the capital of the ancient Roman Empire. Italian is the principal language; however there are regions in the country where German, French and Slovene are primarily spoken, although the regions basically consist of small pockets.

Italy property for sale is predominately supporting industry in the north of the country and agriculture in the south. The labour force in Italy is broken down into the service, industrial and agricultural sectors, with the service sector representing 65% of those employed. The major industries are tourism, textiles and machinery; the main agricultural products are fruits and vegetables with grapes and potatoes leading the way.

Italy is known worldwide for its cheeses, sausages, ham and wine, as well as the many dishes that are prepared from these products and pasta, as well pasta dishes, the Italian cuisine favours seafood of many varieties.

Italy properties for sale are the forte of Italy’S Atmospheres. The properties being offered by the company are located in the finest regions of the country including Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast.