Apartment Hunting Tips

If you have ever been in the situation where you need to find an apartment, you know how stressful the search can be. Finding Apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area for rent that meet all of your wants and needs, and within budget can be extremely challenging. While there may be no secret to get out of the hard work involved, the following tips can help you get organized, set important priorities and maintain your focus through the process.

Narrow Down Your Options

You need to determine your favorite neighborhood, or two, but make smart choices. You should be sure to balance things such as a vibrant community, access to transportation and great shopping. When you narrow down your options, it will help to streamline the entire process. If you are moving to a brand new city, then there is no better way to learn about the available options than walking around.

Identify the Top Three
The budget you have should be at the top of your three priorities; with the other two being left to your discretion: for example the proximity to work or school, having a washer or dryer on-site and the presence of natural lighting. If you are having issues making a list of three, you should try to write down everything that you want and then cross them off one at a time until you are only left with the most important priorities.

Make a Comparison Check List

If you are planning to go to a number of different open houses, then it is a good idea to make a checklist of features you like and dislike about each one, otherwise they may all begin to blend together. A checklist will help you keep the different apartments separately, making the decision easier.

Be Completely Ready

You should be ready to fill out any needed paperwork, put down a deposit or sign the lease prior to attending an open house. This includes bringing information regarding your income, employment and more. You should also consider bringing along a copy of your credit report, which may help put your application ahead of others.

Uncover any Hidden Costs

You need to understand what you are taking on, past just the monthly rent. To do this, ask a few key questions such as: if utilities are included, if parking is offered and if there are cable hook-ups installed.

Searching for an apartment does not have to be difficult. Using these tips will help you find the perfect apartment that you can afford.