Come See Amazing & Conveniently Located Student Apartments in Gainesville

Student life revolves around campus life, and most students wish to live near the university that they will be attending. This allows the student to sleep in those extra minutes normally reserved for the back and forth commute. If wanting a beautiful apartment that comes with tons of added amenities, come see these amazing and conveniently located student apartments in Gainesville.

A Nearby Apartment Makes Dashing Home for Lunch a Possibility

Perhaps a student doesn’t really like eating in the cafeteria. Students who have a nearby apartment can dash home for lunch or retrieve a forgotten book. It also allows the student to take their time getting ready in the morning. This convenient locale allows a student to get in a workout in the apartment complex’s fitness room with state-of-the-art fitness equipment or take a cool dip in the swimming pool during a free time period.

Catch Some Sun or Shelter Under Poolside Cabanas Anytime

These magnificent student apartments with a Gainesville address even boasts a yoga studio and peloton deck. Have some fun with friends at a 2-lane mini-bowling area, whip up a tasty meal in your spacious and fully-equipped high-end kitchen or stay up studying in a quiet study lounge. Wifi and HDTV included in the rental rate.

Enjoy Luxury Apartment Features Sure to Impress

Imagine entertaining your guests with hardwood floors, expensive granite countertops and exquisitely designed decorative touches. Comfy furniture, student event options and Bluetooth showerheads all included. Contact Lark Gainesville online.