Delve into History with Florence Houses for Sale

Known as one of the most important cities in the world, from the 14th through 16th centuries, Florence, Italy has a rich history. Filled with beauty and atmosphere, Florence is an ideal place to live. With Florence houses for sale, you can become a part of this historian dream.

Florence was first established as a Roman city in 80 BC. It was originally named Fluentia due to the two rivers that ran along side of it. It held the main route from Rome to the north. This gave the city much traffic, helping it to flourish. War and troubled times began to diminish the population until 1000 AD. This is when Margrave Hugo chose Florence as his home. It also began the Golden Age of Florentine Art.

Florence became known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It’s population growth and industry development helped to lead Florence to a world wide giant. The business and wealth of the city helped it to be an important city to the world. The banking industry of Florence were very well developed. It enabled them to finance many countries’ industrial development, as well as, English kings during the Hundred Year War.

Almost every Italian artist and poet can be linked to Florence in some way. The 72 museums in Florence can let you explore the entire history of the city. Even the buildings are forms of art in Florence. They are considered one of the top architectural cities in the world. From fashion to paintings, much of the art community find Florence to be a historic gem.

When you couple the history and art with the natural beauty of the area, Florence becomes one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The amazing landscape that surrounds Florence is complemented by the architectural art. Giving the city an essence that is unmatched by anywhere in the world.

Any art or history lover dream of living in Florences. The houses for sale in Florence can let you experience that dream. Even if you are not an art lover, the rich culture and natural beauty of the city, makes it the perfect home for anyone.