Finding A Student Home in Lincoln Park – Things to Consider

For most, finishing college is a ticket to a brighter future. It can mean finding a good-paying job. However, it also means leaving home and staying at dormitories and apartments near universities or colleges. If you are looking for student apartments near Depaul University, here are some things to consider.


You are moving out to stay near your school to save travel time. If you can find a home within a walking distance, grab it. Living near your school means reduced instances of late especially for early morning classes.

If it is not a walking distance, at least it should be strategically located. It should be near supermarkets, shops, and transport terminals.

Rent Inclusion

Before signing up a lease for an apartment or room, check the inclusions first. Does monthly cost include water and electric bills? Is Wi-Fi included? If there is a Wi-Fi included, check the quality of the connection. As a student, you will be relying on the internet for your researches and a working internet connection is a must.

Inclusion also covers the number of people allowed in the apartment. Is it a private apartment? Are you sharing with other students? If yes, are visitors allowed? Can you have visitors sleeping over or partying over?

Always ask relevant questions that might affect your studies or review habits.


No one is safe from crimes and theft. However, you can do things to stay safe and keep your things safe. One thing you can do is finding a secure apartment. If you found student apartments near Depaul University with no security guards, then at least ask if they have burglar alarms. Most owners don’t employ security guards, but they have adequately secured and bolted doors.

Besides, you can also do research to check if the area is safe from burglars and thieves.

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