Finding the Right Lake Tahoe Real Estate for Every Lifestyle

The Lake Tahoe Real Estate market is a varied landscape with something for every buyer. Both residential and commercial land and buildings are available. The recreational community has large economy that will support water-based activities, shopping, restaurants and contractors. Builders, plumbers, electricians and painters are needed to both build new structures and maintain older ones. An experienced real estate broker in Lake Tahoe can help both types of clients find just what they are searching for.

Residential clients will first have to decide if they want to purchase or rent. Vacation rentals are extremely popular and range from small cottages to luxury villas. The closer to the water the more expensive the rental. Some rentals include both a dock and boat. After several years of renting, many regular Lake Tahoe visitors decide to buy their own vacation home. Often they decide to live in it part of the summer and to rent it out the remainder of the season. If this is their intent, they should tell the real estate agent at their first meeting. Some residential developments prohibit this practice. The full-time residents don’t want to be the ones living near a party house.

As with any Lake Tahoe Real Estate decision the future homeowners have to determine how large the property will be. In this case they have to decide if they want to have a boat and dock adjacent to their house. Other residents are happier to live further away and keep their boat in a marina. Some vacationers love a secluded lot with lots of rural charm. They are quite happy sitting on the porch reading and grilling. However, others need a more urban atmosphere. They will want to be located within walking distance to a town center with its quaint shops and restaurants. They’ll want to spend the afternoon antiquing and socializing with friends.

Before they consider a second home they should discuss how much company they want each weekend. If they buy a home with four or five bedrooms, they can expect to have the all kids and grandchildren show up on a regular basis. A small two-bedroom condominium will ensure much quieter and solitary weekends.