Five Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Legitimate House-Buying Company

Companies have been purchasing homes for cash as long as some people have been alive. During the last recession, people used this method of selling because they had underwater mortgages. Whether your home’s a mess or you can’t pay your bills, a legitimate cash home-buying company can bail you out. Here are some reasons why.

Expert Team

Most firms that put out advertisements like “We buy houses in Boston” employ experienced professionals who know the real estate market. Some may have even worked as real estate agents in the past. These professionals go by titles like speculator or acquisition manager. Whatever they do, they can help you get a fair offer on your house.

Quick Sale

One to three weeks is an average timeframe for completing a sale through a cash house-buying firm. However, you will have some leeway as to when the closing date is scheduled.

Cash Offer

With a company that puts out “We buy houses in Boston” advertisements, you’ll receive cash for your house. This is money you can use to get out of debt, purchase a smaller home or invest in your son’s college education.

No Hassles

If you sell a house through a real estate agent, you’ll have to keep it immaculate, stage prominent rooms like your kitchen and even swap out outmoded décor for more contemporary stuff. A cash home-buying company will not require you to do any of this.

Avoid Loan Denials

A cash home-buying deal will prevent you from getting denied for a loan. In fact, you won’t need one with the cash payment.

Selling a house the traditional way can take an average of 91 days to complete, according to CNN Money. A reputable cash house-buying company can complete the deal 70 to 84 days sooner. The question is: Which transaction works best for you?

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