Four Main Reasons to Sell to an Experienced House-Buying Company

You’ve probably seen the cash-for-homes offers on street corners and late at night on television. You may, however, question the legitimacy of such offers. In reality, these types of deals are not only legal, they’re highly popular. They enable people to escape impending foreclosures or even bankruptcies. If you can’t wait two or three months to sell your house, you owe it to yourself to speak to an experienced house-buying firm. Here’s why.

Get Home Off Market Fast

Once a company that advertises, “We buy houses in Memphis,” makes you an offer, it’ll usually take a week to 10 days to complete the sale. For your convenience, you will likely get to pick the closing date.

Money Upfront

A house-buying company will typically give you a check to cover the entire purchase price of your home. This gives you the necessary funds to pay off any remaining debt, purchase a small house or condo or just save for the future.

Eliminate Common Hassles

With a traditional real estate sale, your real estate agent would expect you to keep your house in order, stage prominent rooms, like your dining room or kitchen, fix knobs on doors and even swap out old shades for blinds. A firm that runs ads stating, “We buy houses in Memphis,” will not expect you to do any of this. This gives you more time to get your belongings packed and find your next residence.

Guaranteed Sale

Conventional buyers can sometimes get turned down for loans, which means you’ve lost the sale. An establishment that advertises, “We buy houses in Memphis,” will rarely back out of a purchase. The company wants your home so that it can remodel it and sell it for a significant profit.

Selling to an experienced house-buying company will prevent you from having to make expensive repairs. The buyer will usually hire contractors to do that type of work.

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