Here Are the Top Three Things to Do in Maitland During the Weekend

Maitland, Florida, is a bustling area with lots to offer for everyone. It’s situated around a series of lakes and rivers, so those who love water sports and activities will find no better place to spend their weekend. At the same time, the area also offers plenty of cultural attractions and other adventures to enjoy. After spending all day looking at Maitland apartments to move into, make sure you try some of the following experiences that this area has to offer.

1. Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

If you want to see birds that typically aren’t easy to spot anywhere else in Florida, then you should head to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. Rooted in conservation and helping birds of prey adapt and return to the wild, the center offers tours and shows of the birds in their care. Located not far from Town Trelago apartments, the center is a bright spot in the community and features many activities that you and your family will enjoy. You may even be able to watch a release of a bird back into the wild.

2. Lil 500 Go-Karts

Besides being home to a series of new luxury rentals for Maitland apartments, the area also has a thrilling go-kart arena. Lil 500 Go-Karts features a few different tracks for everyone in the family. Whether you like smooth tracks that resemble the Daytona or you want a rougher ride on their off-road track, you’re sure to have a great time at the races.

3. Lake Lily Park

Those looking for new rental apartments in Maitland may want to explore the lay of the land. One hidden gem that you don’t want to miss is Lake Lily Park. This area features a few different trails around the lake, a playground, food truck nights, and an art festival. There’s something here for everyone.