How to Attract Baltimore Tenants by Going Green

Property owners are experiencing more vacancies, plummeting rent prices, and trouble finding qualified applicants. They have had to be creative to find a competitive advantage that will attract more tenants to their properties. Going green is something that could possibly do the trick. People are more conscious about the environment than they have ever been before, so green practices will attract huge numbers of conscientious tenants. A quality property manager in Baltimore will be able to help with the process.

Show them the Savings

If other rental units in the area are the same price, then try to highlight the ways they can save money by renting one of your green rental properties. Let them see how they will pay less in utility costs because of the green things you have placed in the rental unit, such as eco-friendly appliances, fixtures, energy saving light bulbs, and other things you have changed. Your management company should be able to come up with a great marketing strategy that will help you find tenants who prefer green homes.

Non-Toxic Substances

Promote the fact you do not use any type of toxic chemicals inside the unit or out for pest control, cleaning, or on repairs that need to be made to the residence. People with children and pets will appreciate this practice because they know their family members will be completely safe. People who are conscious about the environment will gravitate to a rental home that is considered to be a safe environment to live in. Talk to your rental management company about putting together a solid marketing plan that will pitch the fact you operate under totally green practices when your rental properties are concerned.

Showcase Transit and Other Benefits

If you have public transportation nearby your rental units, then advertise this feature! Offer residents a bus schedule, show them nearby walking trails, or show them where the nearest bike paths are, so they can cut gasoline costs and continue to live green in their own way. Many tenants would really appreciate these lifestyle changes. With a solid marketing campaign that boasts some of the green benefits of living in your properties, you will be able to fill vacancies faster than ever. You would be surprised at how much money you would save by going green in your office as well.