How to Choose Safe University of Minnesota Off-Campus Housing

Choosing to live off-campus as a student brings many advantages, all of which are meaningless if you don’t find a safe apartment. If you’re looking for University of Minnesota off-campus housing, read on to learn how to pick a dwelling that is safe and secure.

Ample Lighting

Criminals love the dark, especially would-be burglars. They can move with freedom when no one can see them, which is why your apartment search should include complexes with ample lighting. The areas in and around the parking lot should be illuminated as well as all or most walking areas and the fronts of the apartment entrances.

Security Personnel

Most safe complexes have some sort of security personnel on duty, be the watch person or full-blown security guard. Nothing deters potential criminals more than a live body patrolling the areas of the complex and guarding the entrances. And security personnel usually have a direct line to the police, and criminals know this.

Secure Entrances and Exits

Are the entrances to the complex protected by gates or doors? If not, are they watched by personnel or cameras? It is important to find a place that makes it difficult for intruders to enter the premises. How about your apartment door? Is there a deadbolt or simply a latch and a chain? The safest apartments will have deadbolts instead of (or along with) chains because deadbolts offer substantial protection from intruders, whereas chains do not.

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