Looking for the Small Office Space for Rent in Yonkers NY

The time has come to move the home business out of the spare bedroom and into a real office. That means spending some time looking at different options for small office space rent in Yonkers NY. Here are a few points to keep in mind when looking at what is currently available in the local market.

Square Footage

The whole point of moving the business out of the home and into an office building is the need for additional space. Make sure any small office space for rent in Yonkers NY, that comes under serious consideration is really large enough for the operation. Think about the room needed for additional work stations, a reception area, and any type of storage the office space must include. Doing so will make it much easier to focus on places that offer enough space and avoid wasting time on anything that is too small.


Choosing a good location is always in the best interest of the tenant. If there is the chance of clients dropping by the office, it helps to ensure there is adequate parking within a reasonable distance. It also never hurts to see if there are plenty of places to eat since that would make it easier to grab a bite for lunch and then get back to work with ease. Even little things like making sure there are stores nearby that sell office supplies could help make one location more desirable than another.

The Lease Terms

Always take a close look at the terms of the lease for the office space. Many people take a quick glance at the deposit and the monthly rental fee and make assumptions about the rest. Read the lease from start to finish and make sure there are no questions about late fees, who is responsible for repairing what, and what happens if the lease is terminated early for any reason. Knowing what type of responsibility is being taken on will go a long way in making sure the arrangement is really what the tenant wants.

For help with finding the small office space for rent, visit South Street Lofts and arrange to speak with a professional. After getting a good idea of what the client needs, it will not take long to find an office that has all the features desired and comes with a reasonable rental rate.