Luxury Apartments for Sale in NYC- 3 Mistakes to Avoid

There are 3 mistakes to avoid when you are searching for luxury apartments for sale in NYC. The real estate market in Manhattan is fast paced with a lot of properties coming and going all the time on the market. It can be very overwhelming to find the one property that you will call home that meets all your wants. Avoiding the mistakes listed below can help you navigate your real estate options.

Mistake # 1 The Mad Dash

The first mistake a lot of buyers make is the mad dash to buy or the leap before you look syndrome. Yes, the real estate market is competitive, but you do not want to rush to judgment. This will cause you to be stuck with an apartment that you do not want. Luxury is about the design, the materials, the building, the amenities, the service and the location. They have to all be in line with what you want and expect. Take your time.

Mistake # 2- The Compromise

Brokers like to say compromise but really it is a sacrifice. Dont sacrifice the things that are important to you, like a view. The highest end apartment can be worthless if you are overlooking the dumpster for the restaurant downstairs. Demand the things that you want they are out there.

Mistake # 3- NOT Looking to Hudson Yards

Mistake #1 and Mistake # 2 do not compare to mistake # 3. If you are looking for luxury and you want the entire package if you have not yet considered Hudson Yards this is your critical mistake. 15/35 Hudson Yards has the residences, the amenities, the service and everything else you could want in NY. NOT looking further into what you can have at this address is the biggest mistake you can make.