Luxury Condos Upper East Side, Defined

While luxury condos on the upper east side can mean different things to different people there are some tenets that everyone can agree on. Most people would agree that luxury condos on the upper east side should be all about lifestyle, amenities and of course, nicely appointed living spaces that beckon for you to call home. In other words, it is a complete package deal!

The Lifestyle

One of the most important things any building can offer you is the lifestyle amenities that make it easier to manage your busy lifestyle. Luxury amenities like:

  • Concierge services
  • Valet services
  • Individual private storage
  • Cold storage
  • An onsite garage with parking services
  • So much more

The amenities can be used to define a luxury condo on the upper east side because it points to the type of luxurious lifestyle you hope to live. The comfort features promote the type of lifestyle that you want. Valet services, concierge services, onsite parking all point to a residence that has thought of everything to make your life more comfortable.

The Residences

Of course, for luxury condos on the upper east side to truly be luxurious they must be designed to be highly functional spaces that are nicely designed for the modern lifestyle while maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of the original space. The right residence has all the modern features you would expect to find and the sophisticated design you want to live in.

There is One Place

The Manhattan House has thoroughly invested in bringing you the luxurious residences and penthouses that will foster the lifestyle you have always wanted on the upper east side. The residences are stunning and they have the amenities to match. Make an appointment for your showing today and be prepared to be swept off your feet.