Luxury Homes: Not Easily Defined

Everyone has their own definition of luxury. It usually involves huge mansions with every convenience and a staff to take care of your every whim. In a strictly monetary fashion, luxury homes are those appraised at more than a million dollars. Yet, there are variables that may affect this definition. For example, in Houston, luxury homes may be considered or characterized differently than they are in California or New York.

Luxury Homes: It is a Matter of Location

There is definitely a lack of a universal definition of the term luxury homes. Location or locality is a variable that creates distinctions between what is and what is not a luxury residence. Indeed, what sells a luxury home in one market may not be considered such in another. In some regions of the country the million dollar mansion or McMansion may not be what everyone considers as a luxury home. In fact, luxury homes may come at a considerably less cost than these massive constructions.

Yet, this is not to say that in Houston luxury homes are by any sense of the word cheap. This merely indicates that the concept may not be the same as it is in other parts of the country or world for that manner. This clearly indicates how difficult it is to provide a simple definition that everyone can relate to or understand clearly and easily.

Luxury Homes Are a Lifestyle

To many in Houston, luxury homes are more about a lifestyle. They are not so much about the price (though admittedly that does factor into the equation) as about reflecting what an individual does and who he or she is. Some professional real estate agents define luxury homes as those built with the comforts of the future owner in mind. This, depending upon your reference point, may not clarify the concept.

What Luxury Homes Are Not

As one writer states. Perhaps it is much easier to say what a luxury home is not. The criteria then become easier to digest. Luxury homes are not:

1. Cookie cutter residences

2. They are not found in subdivisions or even in many so-called gated communities

3. Are not situated in just anywhere

4. Are not mundane or architecturally indistinct

5. It has distinct architectural qualities and even significance

6. Lacking in a distinct entry point

7. Are not commonplace in their interior dcor

8. Are not lacking in landscape design with unique and intriguing features

Overall, while defining luxury homes may be considered difficult, it is not impossible. However, such definitions must be considered regional in nature and even perspective. After all, in Houston, luxury homes to one person may be a humble home or a tacky residence to another.

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