Moving South and Finding University of Mississippi Off-Campus Housing

Someone who has always lived in a northern state might dream of moving somewhere where the weather is milder in the winter. Being accepted to a master’s degree program in Oxford, MS, not only is a dream come true for the educational opportunity but also the climate. Now it’s time to look for University of Mississippi off campus housing close to the school. Preferably, the complex will have a swimming pool.

Oxford Weather and Scenery

This individual did some homework about average temperatures in warmer regions before applying to universities. Some cities, like Phoenix and Las Vegas, simply are too hot for too many months of the year. Even with air conditioning, the ongoing heat can be brutal. This person also prefers the lush green scenery of the southeast instead of an arid landscape.

Population Statistics

Men and women who prefer small-town life also appreciate Oxford as compared with big metropolitan areas. The city’s population is only about 27,000. The university’s population is close to that number, at about 24,000 as of 2022.

Student Apartment Communities

Although it might seem like finding University of Mississippi off campus housing would be difficult in these circumstances, developers have responded effectively to the need. They’ve designed and built apartment communities specifically intended for university students, although non-students are welcome to reside there as well.

Getting Started

The school offers a broad array of graduate programs for people interested in a master’s degree. Most grad students prefer to live off campus. They can learn about one nearby apartment community at Lark Oxford.