Premium Housing Options For Students in Gainesville, Florida

Contemporary Lifestyle For Students

As one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the Sunshine State, the University of Florida is renowned for its academics and athletics. If you are enrolled in this public university, you could lease student housing in Gainesville, FL. Outdoor swimming is perhaps the most important amenity that’s available at a complex for students at this major university. If your community has a heated outdoor pool, you could enjoy it throughout the entire year. Of course, lush palm trees add some tropical appeal to the grounds of student housing in Gainesville, FL. Some other recreational amenities that may be available at your off-campus residence include tennis courts and an indoor fitness room with air conditioning. Additionally, the climate-controlled lounge and game room will provide awesome opportunities for social events with neighbors.

Lease Terms For Student Homes

When you sign a lease for student housing in Gainesville, FL, you should carefully read the restrictions and rules that will be heavily enforced by the on-site management. For instance, some student-oriented communities have smoke-free apartments and grounds. Pets are not allowed in most off-campus housing, but you could still find some options that accommodate your furry friends. Parking permits are usually required in your private community in the heart of Gainesville. You might even have to register your bicycle with the management. Additionally, designated quiet hours at the housing complex must be respected on weekends and weekdays. Contact the Aero on 24th to lease student homes in Gainesville, Florida.