Prepare Your Depaul University Off Campus Housing For Spring Break

If you are planning to go home for spring break, you want to take care of a few tasks before leaving your student community. This way, you do not have to worry about your Depaul University off campus housing while you are visiting your loved ones. Use the following tips to prepare your off-campus housing for spring break.

Renew Your Lease as Needed

The first thing you should do is double-check to see if your lease needs to be renewed. It is best to take care of the renewal before you head home. After all, you may want to return to the same unit after spring break.

Give Your Apartment a Quick Cleaning

Once you take care of the renewal, you want to give your apartment a quick cleaning several days before heading home for spring break. This way, you can return to a clean, fresh apartment before classes start.

Use up The Perishable Food

If everyone in your student apartment is going home for spring break, be sure to use up the perishable food before leaving. You do not want your food to go bad before you get back. You should at least use the food that may expire while you are at home.

Place Essentials in a Safe Spot

Finally, you want to place your essentials in a safe spot until you return to your apartment. This includes textbooks, projects and keepsakes that you are not planning to take home.

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