Questions to Ask Before Choosing Pet-Friendly Student Apartments

If you are sure that you would like to take your dog with you when you move to Tempe to start university classes, you must find dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ. Here are a couple of questions you should ask before deciding on a place.

Some apartments are more pet friendly than others. This means that they allow various different types of pets and pets of all sizes and breeds. Make sure the dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ, you are thinking about allow the type of dog you have. It is important to know that breed and weight restrictions are not simply the opinion of a staff member. These restrictions are related to insurance policies.

Find out if you will need to pay a monthly pet rent. This may be necessary to cover any potential damage, like stains on carpets or scratched doors. Keep in mind pet rent when weighing your options for apartments. Also, inquire if there is a pet deposit and if it is refundable.

If you plan to have roommates, you should find out how many pets are allowed in the apartment if your roommates also have pets. Set your furry family members up for success by making sure you understand restrictions before signing a lease. Also, make sure you choose the right roommates. You want to find people who are also animal lovers.

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