Software Options for Property Management Services

When you are dealing with managing your own rental properties, it is important to know a solid and effective method for keeping all of the information straight. You will need to keep track of all the screening processes, all maintenance work that has been or will be done on your properties, the collection of rent payments, and any eviction procedures. Keeping track of all this can be confusing, especially if you are dealing with more than one property or a multi-family property. Although you can use different types of software, such as Quicken, Landlord Max, and Onsite Property Manager that you will learn about here, this is often a task you should leave to the professionals. There are companies that focus on property management services in Miami, including the use of software to maintain proper records.

Quicken Manager

Quicken Manager is a great software program to use when managing multi-family properties. You will be able to track all sorts of information about your properties, such as the expenses on each property, which tenants still need to pay rent, and your personal accounts. You can even use this program to create a budget for your properties to keep everything in order. Remember, this is a time-consuming adventure wherein you should hire a rental management company to do the work for you.

Landlord Max

Landlord Max is software program that can go a little more in-depth and is great if you are managing many different properties at once. You will be able to divide up all the information you have into categories, such as properties, tenants, and vendors. You can take these categories and split them up even further by keeping all information for one tenant in one place for easy access. Again, entering in this information on a daily basis can be difficult, particularly if you are not computer savvy. This may be another type of software program you could suggest to a rental management company.

Onsite Property Manager

This software is nice because it will perform much of the work for you once you enter in the information. It can automatically create invoices, receipts, and notices for your tenants all online. You can even set it up to post out the late fees automatically for anyone who has not paid their rent on time. In addition, Onsite Property Manager has the capabilities of sending you notices each time you are being charged for utilities or taxes. One thing to note about this software, it does cost a monthly fee in order to use. With that said, using a company to perform this type of property management service in Miami could save you time and money in the long run.