The Advantages of Choosing Chula Vista Military Housing vs On-Base Living

Many members of the military may just naturally assume that it is much easier to simply live right on base while they are serving. While this might be the case if they are single and do not have a family, there are many other scenarios that can occur where military housing in Chula Vista is definitely the better option.


Everyone who lives in military housing shares a common bond. This makes the community very tightly-knit, where everyone can depend on everyone else. These housing complexes also tend to be very family-friendly and offer things that the whole family can enjoy.

Close To Base

Militray housing also tends to be very close to the base, so those who are serving do not have to fight traffic to and from work on a daily basis. This makes for a much happier workday and gives you more time at home where you really want to be instead of sitting in traffic.


With all of the support businesses that tend to satellite around military housing, it is almost like living in a city unto itself. This is very convenient for those military members who do not want to stray too far from where they live when they finally get some time off from work.

Fits Your Budget

Military housing in Chula Vista is priced to complement your military housing stipend so that you don’t have to pay a lot out of pocket.

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