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by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

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It does not matter how many income properties you own, if they are occupied by someone, they will need managing. Perhaps you think that you are capable of performing the task of hands-on management but when you consider the responsibilities, you may want to think again. Truth is, the only task that you may want to assume is paying the taxes, mortgage and insurance; however, even those responsibilities can be handed to those who provide property management in Palm Beach Gardens.

The primary responsibilities of a property manager are:

Tenant selection
Rent collection
Arrange for repairs and ensure they are done properly
Notify the tenant of late payments or of a rule’s infraction
Arrange evictions if necessary
Property inspection
Provide cash disbursement, maintain trust accounts and prepare accounting records

The current financial slump has forced many people out of their homes. They either lost their homes through foreclosure, or they found themselves paying a mortgage which was far in excess of the house value, and they abandoned it. Either way, there are a lot of properties to be had and a lot of new tenants to accommodate. This has spawned a number of new companies offering property management in Palm Beach Gardens.

When you, as the owner/investor, set out to engage the services of a property management company, you will want the best. You are about to turn over an asset worth many thousands of dollars, perhaps an entire portfolio of rental properties. Knowing in general what the tasks of property managers are, how do you select the best?

First, you must get a management company that knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that with no incoming rent, the asset is useless. He must be driven to ensure that the property is occupied as much as possible. This is not difficult as long as the tenants are responsible. They have to pay the rent on time and care for the property, otherwise, you have a problem.

Tenant selection is a skill that comes with experience and a keen appreciation of laws that protect tenants against discrimination. They have to be screened to make sure they are gainfully employed and that their past credit and criminal records are clean. When you get a good tenant, it is incumbent on the property manager to keep them happy so that they renew the lease year after year.

Repairs are of the utmost importance. When the property is well maintained, the value of the property is maintained and the tenants are happy with their home. The repair costs can be kept low if you select a property management company that understands the value of routine inspections and preventative maintenance.

Property management in Palm Beach Gardens FL is best undertaken by a company with years of hands on experience. This company is Real Property Management – Palm Beach Gardens. For all your property management needs, call 800-365-1275

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