Three Things to Discuss with Roommates Before Moving Day in San Marcos, TX

Moving into your first off-campus apartment is exciting, but meeting your new roommates for the first time can be intimidating. However, a little planning can ease some of the stress. Here are three things to discuss with your roommates before move-in day.

What to Bring

The first thing to discuss is who should bring what. San Marcos apartments near campus only have so much room, so you don’t want to be stuck with multiple television sets or dining tables. Coordinate large items with your roommates to avoid an overstuffed apartment.

Apartment Rules

Do you want quiet hours for studying late at night, or are you more of a party animal? It’s important that all roommates get on the same page and agree to a set of rules before moving in together.

Room Arrangements

San Marcos apartments near campus usually have similar bedrooms, but it’s inevitable that one will be more desirable than the others. Decide who will stay in which room ahead of time to avoid arguments on move-in day. You may also need to make compromises about amenities like bathrooms and parking spaces.

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