Vital Supplies to Buy for Moving into Ole Miss Apartments in Oxford

Moving out on your own can be an exciting prospect. However, you also realize that you lack much of the supplies needed to live independently. You cannot take these items from your dormitory and transfer them to your new apartment.

As you prepare to move into one of the Ole Miss apartments, you need to make a list of what items you will need to buy. These vital supplies are some to include on that list today.

Kitchen Essentials

When you lived at home or in your dormitory, you did not have to worry about supplying your own kitchen essentials. However, when you live on your own, you must provide these items for yourself.

With that, you need to purchase essentials like silverware, cups, glasses, plates and coffee mugs for your kitchen. You also need to buy a microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven and other small appliances if they are not made available to you already.

Bathroom Essentials

You also need to furnish your bathroom for your new apartment. Some of the items to buy include a shower curtain and liner, as well as rings from which to hang them. You likewise need to buy several towels and washcloths.

These essentials are some to purchase when you get ready to move out on your own into one of the Ole Miss apartments. You can find out more about furnishing your apartment by contacting Archive Oxford.