Ways to Get More Sleep While Living in Washington Student Apartments

While rushing to class, work, and social events, you may find it harder and harder to get enough sleep at night. Yet, adequate sleep is much more vital than you realize. Without it, you can have a great dealer problem, like chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, weight gain, a weakened immune system, and trouble concentrating. To keep yourself in good health, here are some tips on how to add sleep to your busy schedule.

Create a Schedule

While in Western Washington University student housing, you can choose your own schedule. You may go to bed when you have completed all of your schoolwork, or you are too tired to keep your eyes open. When you handle your schedule this way, your body does not get a chance to wind down. To have a better night, pick a bedtime and stick with it. Your mind and body will get used to the routine and have a much easier time relaxing.

Take a Nap

Because you have not slept well at night, you can find yourself snacking on sweets or sipping on coffee throughout the day. When your bedtime comes, you cannot sleep because of the stimulants you had during the day. Instead of boosting your energy with treats, you can take a nap instead. Relax at your Western Washington University student housing for half an hour, then you will be refreshed enough to conquer your remaining schedule.

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