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When planning to sell their home, the first thing most people do is to contact a local realtor who can list it and get it on the market. If you are in no hurry to sell, this is a reasonable approach. However, selling your home in this manner can take a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, there is another valid option. You can sell your home to an investor.

Listing Your Home with a Realtor

To maximize the value of your home, you may have to undertake certain improvements that take money and time. It often takes several months to sell a home. All the time it sits, it costs you money. There are still utilities and insurance to pay for, and in many cases, there is still the mortgage payment. When the realtor finally finds a prospective buyer, he or she is unlikely to pay your asking price.

Selling Your Home to an Investor

There are investors who advertise, Company that by houses Chicago. This may not be an option that you are familiar with, but it is one worth considering.

Speed: Selling your home through a realtor takes time. The average listing agreement is six months. During this time, the realtor will advertise the home and arrange dates for an open house. Once a prospective buyer is identified, chances are he or she will then have to arrange financing, which causes additional delay. When you sell to an investor, the deal is for cash, and the sale closes within a matter of days.

No Further Investment Required

If your home is not in the best condition, you may find that the only way to sell it is to put money into it. When you sell to property investors, you will not have to do anything. You certainly will not have to spend money with no guarantee that you will eventually recoup the repair and redecorating costs. An investor will buy the home “as is” and make any necessary repairs after the sale has been completed.

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