What Do Luxury Condos In Manhattan Really Mean?

If youre currently shopping around for condos in Manhattan, youve probably noticed that almost all of them have the word luxury in there somewhere. While luxuriousness is a great thing to consider, most people dont know what it means, and most building owners will use the word frivolously. Therefore, it is important to understand what they are and where you can find them.

What It Means

Luxuriousness should mean something extraordinary. The problem is, you may have a different definition of extraordinary than someone else. You may not think that all the added amenities make it luxurious because you wont use them. However, someone else may be using those options every moment they arent at work.

Some people think that it can only mean things that dont depreciate. Most things you buy for your home will depreciate over time. Therefore, these people think luxuriousness can only mean unobstructed views, natural light, location, architectural options, high ceilings and square footage. While that may be a good indicator of luxuriousness, there are many other things available.


Sometimes, amenities can be considered luxurious. For example, concierge services were normally only found in high-end hotels, but now you can have access to them every day. The problem is, you probably wont use them very often or may not even think to use them because youre used to doing it alone. If you dont use the amenity, you still have to pay for it. However, when considering amenities and their luxuriousness, you need to focus on what you want. Some people spend all their time on vacation at the hotel pool because they dont have one at home. Youre going to get more out of a pool than you would a spa. You may have a pet and need condos in Manhattan that offer pet spas or pet sitting services.

The point is, if you wont use the amenity, it is going to seem frivolous to you. No one else can tell you what luxury means because it is all based on what you prefer.

What Then?

It may be a better option not to dwell so much on the amenities offered and focus more on the views, ceilings and location. When searching, make sure you know of all the various options and make a list of pros/cons. If you like at least 75 percent of the amenities offered, it is still probably a good investment. If you like little or none of them, you should find a different condo.