What Does A Cincinnati Title Company Do?

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Real Estate

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A cincinnati title company is an organization that prepares titles or deeds for real estate purposes. The deed or title establishes ownership and defines the property lines. It also determines whether a lien has been placed against the property by a mortgage or finance company.

The title is evaluated when the property is listed. Details that appear on this title are verified. Primarily, a title or real estate company needs to establish the correct owner of the property. The exact property lines are also verified. Sometimes research of property records and land surveying is required to make these determinations.

Properties without a clear title proving ownership may require the aid of a probate clerk. This is often the case when a property is passed down through several generations in a family. Over many decades, the original deed may become lost or damaged. More often than not, the family members do not transfer the title creating a new record for the property.

Properties illegible or missing titles present inconsistencies and hindrances when the real estate is sold. Without the document, it is difficult to prove where exact property lines exist. It also prevents the determination of whether money is owed to a finance company. And the correct owner is not immediately identified.

Real estate that is inherited from family members are not always transferred. Usually an inheritance fee is required at the time of transfer, if the new owner is listed in a will. Inheritance taxes also apply, and the annual property tax may increase based on current market requirements. The issue that arises from this is that it may hinder identification of a clear property owner.

During a closing, a title company cincinnati transfers ownership of the deed or title to the new owner. If a mortgage is utilized to purchase the property that company holds the deed or title until the debt is paid off. Cash or other property purchases where the full amount is paid allow a cincinnati title company to transfer immediately the title to the new owner.

Financed properties have a lien holder listed on the front of the title. This listing releases limited ownership of the property to the finance company. A foreclosure allows the finance company to take immediate ownership of the property. A cincinnati title company hired by the finance company prepares a title listing the finance company as the rightful owner.

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