What is a NHD in California?

Disclosuresave.com logoIf you’re buying a piece of property in California, whether you’re purchasing a home, a business facility or a piece of property that you’re looking to develop in the future, there are a number of things that you want to consider in order to make a wise and informed purchase. You’ll need to know the value of the property and compare the property with other properties of a similar nature to ensure that the property is the best property you can purchase.

If you’re buying a home, you want to make sure that the home was inspected and that its quality is exemplary. However, as a seller of a property, you are required to offer the buyers of the property a NHD California.

Unless you live in California, you likely don’t know what a NHD is. This is a natural hazard disclosure report California that is required to be given on every piece of property up for sale. There are many different reasons why you’ll need to have a natural hazard disclosure report.

The first reason is to assess the property for any hazards that could potentially occur on or near the property. These hazards will include things such as flood areas and fire hazard areas, such as large areas of brush and forests. In addition, wild land, earthquake and mudslide zones will also need to be defined in the hazard disclosure report.

However, a NHD California isn’t relegated simply to natural hazards, as the name would indicate. These disclosures will also touch on any potential man-made hazards that exist near or on the property.

Hazards that can be included in this report are old military ordnance facilities, commercial or industrial facilities near the property, properties near the airport, climate zones and radon zones, just to mention a few. All these things must be included in a disclosure report before any sale of any type property California can legally be finalized.

Fortunately, if you are selling property, there are many companies that offer disclosure report services. You can contact one of these services and for as little as $75. In a short time, you can have a NHD report California drawn up and submitted to a potential buyer.