Why Apartment Living Is Better Than Dorm Living When You’re in College

Why Apartment Living Is Better Than Dorm Living When You’re in College
When you are entering college, you are faced with a choice of living in a dorm room provided by the school or living off-campus in your own apartment. Here are some reasons why student apartments near UGA are your best bet for maximum college enjoyment.


One of the top reasons you will want your own apartment is because in an apartment you get the most privacy. If you want quiet time to study, then it is yours to enjoy. If you want a quiet evening at home or if you want to have a party without any unwanted prying eyes, then you can do that as well.

Less Rules

There are so many rules when you live in a dorm, from curfews to who can or cannot be there to all sorts of other behavioral rules that it can put quite the damper on your college experience. When you live in student apartments near UGA, you don’t have to worry about college rules that may interfere with how you want to live your life.

Cheap Eats

The ability to buy and cook your own food is much cheaper than the dorm options of either buying a food plan or dining out all of the time. It also gives you a bit of responsibility that will help prepare you for the “real world.”

If you are interested in living in your own apartment during your college years, contact Lark Athens at https://larkathens.com. The memories that you’ll make will last a lifetime.