Why Choose UWS Apartments For Sale

While most people associate an apartment with renting, NYC is a much different real estate location. Many UWS buildings offer apartments for sale, giving you the benefits of renting and the advantages of ownership. For example, you wont have to deal with maintenance as you would if you owned a single-family home, which could include making all repairs, painting, landscaping, and much more. You will also get to customize your space and make it yours, which you couldnt do if you rented.

Save Money

While it may not make sense to you at first, renting can cost a lot of money. After the lease is up, you have nothing to show for all the money youve spent because you must vacate the premises or start a new lease. With UWS apartments for sale, you put money toward your living space and lifestyle. When you pay off the mortgage, you own your space and can do what you want with it (depending on the HOA rules).


You can also find it an excellent way to downsize your space or upsize. Many people move into an apartment for a shorter term because they dont know where life will take them. They may move to another state or may find love and get married, settling down with children. Either way, you can choose a large enough space that allows you to grow with the apartment.

Luxury Amenities

UWS apartments for sale come with a variety of amenities that are designed to keep you happy and content. Youll find a beautiful rooftop terrace that has comfortable seating and a fireplace to keep you warm on those chilly NYC nights. Youll be able to gaze out at the city and revel in its beauty while watching the sun set or get up early to see the sun kiss the morning. For more information visit 221 West 77.