3 Benefits of Choosing Student Housing at UT, Austin

Going to college is a big move, so you should make sure you are living comfortably. Here are a few benefits to living in off-campus student housing at UT, Austin.

More Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to live in off-campus student housing is that you will have much more privacy than if you lived in a dorm. Living in a dorm usually means there’s a tiny room that’s barely enough for one person, and then having to split that room with a stranger as well as share a bathroom with them. You also have to worry about Resident Advisors who are constantly checking up on you. In student housing, you will have much more privacy.

More Living Space

As I stated previously, living in a dorm usually means having to share a room that was already too small, to begin with. Another huge benefit of student housing is that the rooms are much bigger but still cost the same, if not less. You will have your own bedroom for yourself as well as a bathroom and a kitchen. You can also get to choose your roommate, which is very uncommon for on-campus housing.

Gain Life Experience

One more benefit of moving into off-campus student housing is that you will be able to gain life experiences. The cost of living in a dorm is usually paid upfront at the beginning of each semester while living in a student apartment is going to require you to pay rent and utilities every month.

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