3 Family-Friendly Attributes of the Upper East Side

If you are a new parent or thinking about starting a family, it can be challenging to decide where in Manhattan to raise your child. Many neighborhoods have reputations, deserved or not, as being unsuitable for families. When you consider where to buy your luxury condo in Manhattan, here are three things that make the Upper East Side family-friendly.

An abundance of public and private schools

The neighborhood where many of the worlds elite raise their children is bound to offer stellar education options. According to NY Metro Parents, the Upper East Side contains 24 public schools and more than 30 private and religious schools.

Parks and playgrounds

Buying a luxury apartment in the Upper East Side will situate your family in a neighborhood adjacent to Central Park, which is a clear benefit to living here. But you might not know that the Upper East Side is also home to many other beautiful parks, including John Jay Park and Carl Schurz Park, as well as seven playgrounds. On sunny days, you or your nanny wont have to travel far to find vibrant and safe outdoor spaces where your children will love to play.

Apartments with amenities for children

The standard for luxury living in Midtown and the Upper East Side means that many apartment buildings, such as 252 East 57th, come equipped with playrooms and pools to keep your children entertained on those rainy days. Look for luxury apartments in Midtown East with a pool, and you and your whole family can enjoy aquatic exercise without needing to step out the front door.

Choosing a family-friendly neighborhood requires plenty of research and deliberation, but it doesnt have to be a painful process. If the advantages of the Upper East Side appeal to you, then start looking for available housing now and look forward to living in the lap of luxury with your family.

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