Luxuries of Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan is a big place once you break it down into sections. Chinatown, Tribeca, SoHo, the Meatpacking district, Wall Street, and more make up the geography of downtown Manhattan. Each district has its charm, character, and cost, too. If youre considering moving to lower Manhattan, its important first to decide where, exactly, youd like to see yourself. Do you like the college hub and LGBTQ friendly Greenwich Village? Or do you prefer the Flatiron District, a technological start-up mecca? Either way, real estate in downtown Manhattan is not a homogenous experience.


Tribeca has surpassed the Upper East Sides reputation for the most luxurious and desirable area in NYC. Lofty condo buildings such as 45 Park Place line the sky. As reported by Time magazine, celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Jake Gyllenhaal all live near each other in Tribeca. Of all luxury real estate in NYC, Tribeca is guaranteed to be the priciest.

The Village

Greenwich Village is home to The Stonewall Inn, New York University, and Washington Square Park. LGBT history and culture are ingrained in Greenwich Village. In fact, the NYCs gay pride march first took place on Christopher Street. Students and artists flock like pigeons around the beautiful landscape of Washington Square Park. Luxury real estate in NYC doesnt get more bohemian than Greenwich Village.

The Flatiron District

Named after the famous Flatiron Building, the Flatiron District houses many technological start-up companies, earning it a space in New Yorks own Silicon Alley. Publishing companies in particular call the district home. According to the New York Times, cost of living here varies greatly, with rent ranging from $2,460 to $29,500 a month.

There are still many districts to consider when thinking about moving to lower Manhattan. Theres Chinatown for the good eats and the ethnic backdrop. Theres SoHo, New Yorks high-end shopping district. Theres also Stuy Town, a middle-class residential area. The possibilities are as diverse as the city itself!

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