Ask These Questions Before Signing a Lease on Pet Friendly Apartments

The ability to get student housing that is pet friendly has been a huge benefit to many young people who are about to attend university classes. However, this does not mean that all pet friendly apartments in Marquette are right for you. Here are a few questions to ask before signing a lease.

Ask management if there are any breed or weight restrictions. You want to be sure that your pet will be able to live in the apartment. It is not just someone in management who provides an opinion on which pets are allowed. They are bound by lease agreements and insurance policies. You may be asked to give documentation regarding the breed, weight, and vaccination record of your pet.

While asking about breed and size restrictions, find out if there are restrictions on how many pets you can have in the apartment. It is important to know the rules and stick with them. Routine inspections of the apartment are likely to be done throughout the year.

Find out if you will have to pay extra fees associated with getting pet friendly apartments in Marquette. It may be that you have to put down a deposit when you move in. Or your rent may be a little more each month. When you pay a monthly fee, this will cover any damage and allows management to offer amenities that you and your pet can enjoy.

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