Critical Tips to Keep in Mind When Moving into a Pet Friendly Apartment

When your pet is an important member of your family, you do not want to leave it behind when you move into a new apartment. Even so, before you sign the dotted line on your new lease, you need to know what the community’s viewpoints are toward pets and what responsibilities you will be expected to undertake as a pet owner.

Many pet friendly apartments in Marquette have specific policies that new tenants must obey if they do not want to violate their leases. You need to be aware of these common practices before you move into a new place with a pet.

Breed Restrictions

It is not uncommon for pet friendly apartments in Marquette and elsewhere to restrict the types of breeds of cats and dogs that are allowed into the complex. Dog breeds like pitbulls and chows that are known to be aggressive are often not allowed. Likewise, exotic breeds of cats like caracals are also not allowed in residential rental communities.

Your new landlord could require you to provide a veterinarian’s report stating that your pet is not of a breed that is restricted on your lease agreement. If you have a pet that fits this description, you could face having to give up ownership of it or find a new place to live.

Weight Restrictions

Landlords also restrict the weights of pets that are allowed into the community. Cats and dogs both typically have to be under 25 pounds. If they are over that limit, the landlord could fear that they could do damage to the apartment if they run into windows, doors and other fixtures.

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