Discover Student Housing in Indianapolis That Keeps You Close to Campus

Anyone looking for student apartments near the IUPUI campus won’t find a better location than these conveniently located units within a few minute’s walk of the university. Now, you won’t have to worry about rushed mornings or long commutes just to get to class. You can also take advantage of several community and private amenities that will make you feel as though you are moving into your first home rather than a cramped college dorm.

Find Lifelong Companions or Bring Your Friends Along

One of the most intimidating aspects for many first-time college students is having to choose whether or not they want to try to live on their own or with roommates they’ve never met before. At these student apartments near the IUPUI campus, you can either apply for an apartment with your friends or allow them to choose a set of roommates for you.

Come As You Are

Possibly the best part about moving into these apartments near the IUPUI campus is that you don’t have to worry about acquiring a bunch of furniture to make your new environment feel like a new home. Each unit is completely equipped with everything you need to move in and settle into your new space. Plugin your console to the available flat-screen TV, rest on the sofa and enjoy the state-of-the-art appliance in the kitchen.

Contact LUX on Capitol to learn more about the student apartments available and the many features provided.