How to Narrow Your Selection of Student Housing in Charlotte, NC?

Student Housing in Charlotte, NC

How does a pupil determine the ideal choice for student housing in Charlotte, NC? Well, they must consider its amenities, style, and design features. In addition, they should compare its access to campus and the community itself. Even though this city’s residents have many options, some present themselves as superior. After your stuff is unpacked here, the complex’s amenities unveil a luxurious world.

Available Two-Story Townhomes

Although most student apartments resemble block homes, these share similarities with townhomes. Nevertheless, not every student recognizes the benefits offered by two-story housing. Since neighbors only sit beside you, loud stomping will not be a nightly disturbance.

Smart Lock on the Front Door

After classes are done, you walk home, type in a code, and waltz through the door. When a home is built using smart locks, life is simple, exciting, and fast.

Full Kitchen Including a Dishwasher

Cooking might have been your passion, but doing the dishes kept you from exploring it. Now, you will be in an apartment with a dishwasher, so feel free to experiment with new flavors.

9-Foot to 12-Foot Ceilings

Whether you prefer open floor plans or tight quarters, these lofty ceilings open up the unit.

Private Shuttle to UNC Charlotte Campus

One additional benefit of staying somewhere like this would be access to shuttles. Simply hop on one and let it whip you off to class.

Clubhouse With Wi-Fi

Quickly connecting to wi-fi is awesome, and you can do just that at the on-site clubhouse.

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