Viewing Student Apartments in Lincoln, NE? Here’s What to Look Out For

The excitement that comes with living in your own student apartments can be overwhelming. The prospect of interacting with friends and enjoying your freedom sometimes makes students settle for whatever comes their way. As a caution, don’t let such a hunt frenzy take control of you. For you to get the right student apartments in Lincoln, NE you must search far and wide. As you view the properties, be keen on the following:

Presence Of Dampness

Dampness is one thing that can ruin your stay in the students’ apartments. Besides ruining your clothes, they can also pose a health risk. Therefore, during your apartment hunt, look out for potential signs of dampness, such as the presence of mold/mildew, peeling walls, musty smells, and extreme condensation.

Pest Problems

Pests are a common nuisance in college apartments. While most of these pests are attracted by food leftovers, others come due to poor sanitation. As you move around, watch for common signs of pests such as rats, cockroaches, slugs, and bugs to name a few.


At the viewing, keep an eye on security indicators around the apartments. Because your student apartment will be your new home, most of your valuables will be stored there. To avoid vandalism, theft, or damages, finding the level of security in that place is paramount. Some of the security indicators include the presence of proper locks, CCTV cameras, bugler alarms, and security personnel.

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