Living in Off-Campus Apartments Should Be Your First Choice in Philadelphia

Moving away to college can be a very stressful time. You are entering into an entirely new world. One of the decisions you’ll have to make is where you will live while you are attending school. While many students automatically think that their only option is living in a dormitory, this is definitely not true. In fact, living at the University of Pennsylvania in student housing is your best choice.

Builds Credit

Credit is one of the most important things that you can have at your disposal. If you live in a dorm room, you are paying the school as part of your tuition. This is convenient, but it also doesn’t show up on your credit report. However, if you rent an apartment on your own, it helps to build your credit when you pay your rent on time. This will definitely give you an edge in life after you graduate.

Avoid Outbreaks

Every year, there are flu outbreaks and other diseases that can take hold of a population. When you live on campus in a dorm room, you are crammed into a small space with little to no ventilation. The chances of becoming sick are quite high. Conversely, when you live in University of Pennsylvania off-campus student housing, you can avoid sick people much more easily than you would be able in a crowded dormitory.

If you are interested in living in a student apartment versus a small dorm room, please contact The Radian at You can check out an apartment in person before making a decision.