How to Prevent Pests From Invading FSU Tallahassee Student Housing

When it comes to pests, there are many homes and complexes that are not safe from them. FSU student housing is an option, and if kept clean and sealed properly, you should not have a pest problem. With some preventative measures, you can keep your housing from becoming homes for insects or rodents. Keep reading to learn a few of them.

Regular Cleaning and Washing

It seems obvious, but regular cleaning is the most important thing you can do to keep critters away. Pests are attracted to food and filth because they both emanate strong smells. With regular and thorough cleaning of your entire apartment, including your clothes, linens, dishes and appliances, you’ll make your FSU student housing a boring place for bugs and rodents.

Sealed Entry Points

Pests are experts at exploiting even the tiniest holes in order to gain entry into a home. You’ll want to regularly check for even the slightest opening and make sure there are none. Common entryways for insects and rodents include broken or improperly set window screens and holes in siding. Critters also gain access to your house through the front door, so make sure it’s closed, sealed at the bottom and has a screen door in place when open.

Pet Control

You dog or cat may be your best friend; however, they may also be the source of pests. When you take your pet out for a spell, it’s easy for them to pick up unwanted guests, especially if they’re not the cleanest animal around. To minimize this effect, simply keep them clean and regularly inspect them for bugs.

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