Making Your Move from a House in the Suburbs to an Apartment in the City

When you make the decision to move from a large house in the suburbs to a small apartment in the city you will need to be prepared for a few changes. There are the obvious ones, like not having to cut the grass anymore, then there are the less obvious ones, like how your neighbors plumbing and electrical issues become yours as well. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you make the move to make this transition a little easier. People will make this move for different reasons, but if you are making the move from a house to luxury apartments in Midtown NYC, you are sure to benefit.

Getting Packages

When you are living in a house in the suburbs, and you get a package the delivery driver will often just leave it on your porch unless a signature is required. When you move into an apartment in the city, this is far less likely to happen, depending on the driver. Some drivers will simply take your package to your door, but others will either leave it with the mailboxes or at the front desk. Check and see if your building offer package receiving. If they do, then this is a great way to make sure your package is safe until you can get home to pick it up yourself.

Shared Issues

When you move into an apartment, your neighbors issues become your issues. No, this is not about being able to hear them in your apartment. When your neighbors have a plumbing issue or electrical issue water or power, respectively, may be shutoff for the entire building to allow the maintenance workers to fix the problem. The upside here is that you dont have to pay for the repairs like you would in a house.

When you first move out of a house and into an apartment you are in for a little culture shock. This is to be expected, but once you adjust you will find that apartment life definitely has its advantages.