The Advantages of Moving to University Apartments as a Grad Student

When you begin graduate school, you embark on an academic career that differs markedly from your undergraduate pursuits. You must approach it with more seriousness and effort than you may have devoted to your baccalaureate studies.

This more intense approach, however, can be hindered if you live on campus. Instead of trying to accommodate your studies to the hectic pace and noise of dorm life, you can move into one of the nearby Illinois State University apartments designed for upperclassmen and graduate students.

Quiet Setting

The apartments that you move into can offer you the quiet that you need to study and complete time sensitive projects that you undertake as a graduate student. Your graduate committee may require you to submit projects every six to eight weeks for evaluation. You need to make sure that your work passes muster to avoid being kicked out of the program.

The quietness of your apartment can afford you the peace that you need to focus and work on these projects. You avoid being distracted, making errors and jeopardizing your graduate pursuits because of rowdy underclassmen and dorm rooms that are not quiet.

You also have the discretion of coming and going as needed without having to check in with a dorm room clerk or a resident advisor. You get more freedom to live and work independently as a grad student.

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