The Top Reasons That You Should Consider Living Off Campus

Moving off campus can be a difficult decision. The responsibilities can leave you questioning whether you have made the right decision. However, there are many ways that you can benefit from living in one of the apartments near WWU.

Have More Space

Dorm rooms are known for being extremely small. You will also have to share this space with someone else. However, you will have a lot more space if you decide to move off campus.

Gain Some Life Experience

The new experiences can make it hard for you to adjust to living off campus. However, the experience that you get will greatly benefit you after you leave college. You will learn how to budget for bills, clean, sign and understand contracts as well as communicate with your landlord.

Help You Save Money

You are probably spending a lot of money to live on campus each semester. Living off campus can be expensive too, but you may be able to save money. You can split the costs with roommates.

More Freedom

Living on campus comes with a long list of rules that you will have to abide by. This includes things such as no overnight guests without permission, quiet hours and no pets. You will also have a resident assistant to answer to. You will have a lot more freedom if you live off campus.

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