Things to Remember Before You Submit an Application for a Denton Apartment

After you complete your freshman or sophomore year, you are ready to move off-campus and into your own apartment. The process of getting an apartment can seem rather straightforward. In fact, it can be more involved than you originally imagined.

When you want to better your chances of being approved for one of the college apartments in Denton, TX, you need to make sure that you meet the qualifications of new tenants. These criteria are vital in proving that you will be a good renter and take care of the apartment that is leased to you.


When you put an application in for one of the college apartments in Denton, TX, you have to prove that you make enough money to pay the rent each month. Most landlords require renters to make at least three times the rent on the apartment. If the rent on an apartment that you are interested in costs $600 a month, you will need to bring in at least $1800 a month in order to be approved.

The landlord will take into consideration all forms of income from everyone that is included in the application. Forms of income can include wages from your job as well as Pell grants that you receive from the federal government. It can also include any money that your parents send you each month.

Previous Rental History

The landlord will also run a rental history check on you to find out if you have a good history of leasing places to live. If you are coming straight out of the dorm, he or she will ask the student residential life department at the university for a referral.

You can find out more about leasing a college apartment online. Contact Redpoint Denton to schedule a tour or submit an application today.